Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Southern Corridor (German Energy Policy)

Newsletter 2009/04/24 - Southern Corridor

ESSEN/ASHGABAT/BERLIN (Own report) - The RWE Company will have access to Turkmenistan's natural gas, thereby strengthening the German position in international competition for Central Asian energy resources. According to the memorandum signed a few days ago, RWE will participate in the exploration and development of natural gas resources in Turkmenistan's western Caspian Sea. Berlin is also seeking to enhance its cooperation with other Central Asian countries. Angry reactions are being heard from Moscow, fearing impingement on its hegemony over the region. The memorandum was signed immediately preceding a series of international meetings to discuss the flow of Central Asian oil and gas. The RWE deal will strengthen Germany's position at these talks. It is becoming evident that German energy companies have a division of labor in their approach. The Eon Company, focusing mainly on Russian natural gas, is cooperating with Moscow, while RWE is concentrating on the Central Asian gas and its transport via the Nabucco-Pipeline bypassing Russian territory, a central element of Berlin's energy strategy.


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