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Expel Arab squatters from the City of David

Hundreds of Arabs Rampage in Shiloach
Arab neighborhood
Are you really so woefully ignorant of history or just dishonest like other pro-Arab/Muslim propagandists? Silwan is Shiloach - the City of David (not Mohammud). Originally the Jewish Meyuchas family lived there:

"At the height of its growth, the community numbered approximately 150 families. This neighborhood was abandoned during the Arab uprising of 1936-1939. Evidence of Yemenite housing in the village can still be found in the indentations from mezuzot that remain on the doorposts of some of the homes." - City of David Virtual Tour

This Christian Zionist visited Shiloach when Jews first began their return there again, and I’ve been back many times with the Temple Mount Faithful who go to the Pool of Siloam to draw water during Sukkot.

Conflict in Jerusalem
They’ve placed barbed wire all around their “yard,” freshly tarred their roof, have an Israeli flag flying & are still clearing out all the junk the Arabs threw in there for the past 7 years. It was exciting to drive through that Palestinian village as they looked on. Earlier, being hot as usual, I started to roll down my window when they reminded me it’s better to be hot than get a stone in the face!

Silwan/Shiloach/City of David

Israel should utilize this opportunity to expel every single Arab family squatting in the City of David and make room for those who belong there - Jews!

Why do blacks destroy and devour?

“I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I have must learn and know: these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the mental or emotional abilities to equate or share equally with White men in any functions of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them unto them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: White the superior, and they the inferior. For whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their equals, they will destroy and devour him, and they will destroy all his work. And so for any existing relationship or any benefit to this people, let White men, from anywhere in the world, who would come to help Africa, remember that you must maintain this status: you the master and they the inferior, like children whom you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you”

Attributed to Albert Schweitzer (I couldn't find any definite quote or source to confirm this quote, only a vehement denial by Dr Lachlan Forrow, President of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship).

Regardless of who said it, it contains too much truth for those indoctrinated in the humanist politically correct dogma to handle. Any objective review of African history proves people of white color built up those areas they colonized (as prophesied) and people of black color tore it down when left to themselves. Raped Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ruins) and beleaguered South Africa testify against their dangerous denial.

However, this quote from Abraham Lincoln is confirmed:

"I will say, then, that I AM NOT NOR HAVE EVER BEEN in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the black and white races---that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with White people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the White and black races which will ever FORBID the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together, there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the White race."

4th Lincoln-Douglas debate, September 18th, 1858; COLLECTED WORKS Vol. 3, pp. 145-146

"There goes the neighborhood..." now includes, "There goes the nation."

Fellowship with besieged white South Africans

Will we learn or is it too late?


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David Ben-Ariel on YouTube!

Rep. King: ‘I’m For Abolishing the IRS and the Federal Income Tax Code’

During a pre-tax day event on Capitol Hill, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said he supports “abolishing” the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the federal income tax code.

Telegraph Caught Recycling Gaza War Photo to Distort Today's Reality

Why does the Daily Telegraph choose to reuse an image from the 2009 Gaza conflict to inaccurately portray the present day?
Will the Media Remember Gilad Shalit?

After 4 years in Hamas captivity, make sure that the mainstream media doesn't forget the tragic plight of the kidnapped Israeli soldier.
Behind Bars: Photo Bias Breaks Out of Gaza

Are Gazan children really behind bars or does the imagery fail to give the bigger picture?

"Obama Most Radical US President ever" states prestigious Harvard Phd

Dr. Richard L. Rubinstein, Yale fellow, "Distinguished Professor of the Year", and Harvard Phd, states that president Obama's intention is to "correct the historical mistake of the creation of the state of Israel." Dr. Rubenstein states that president Obama due to his family heritage is extremely pro Muslim - to the point of "wanting to see the destruction of Israel."

Barack Obama was "definitely" not born in Hawaii

Look what they're doing now to Hawaii elections official ...
The former Honolulu elections official who alleges Barack Obama was "definitely" not born in Hawaii and that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate even exists for the president in the Aloha State now says he's the victim of a vicious smear campaign, threatening his position as an instructor at Western Kentucky University.
Read the latest now on

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Identifying Birthmarks of Israel

Searching for My Lost Tribe
It never occurred to me that it was right under my nose.

by Gavriel Horan 

The birthmarks of fulfilled biblical prophecies include, as the Jerusalem-based Brit Am Israel organization teaches:
According to the Bible ten out of the twelve tribes of Israel split away (1 Kings 12:19), formed their own kingdom of "Israel" (1 Kings 12:20) and were exiled by the Assyrians (2 Kings 17:18). They forget their identity (Hosea 1:9, 7:8; Isaiah 49:21) and became the Lost Ten Tribes. In the future they will re-unite with the Jews (Ezekiel 37; Isaiah 11:13; Jeremiah 3:18) of "Judah", but until then they have a role of their own to fulfill. They were destined to be situated at the continental extremities of the earth such as North America, the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (Deuteronomy 33:13; Isaiah 24:16, 26:15, 41:8-9, 49:6), to be the richest (Genesis 27:28, 49:25; Deuteronomy 33:13-16; Hosea 2:8), and most powerful (Numbers 24:8-7; Micah 5:7-9) nations on earth and to control major international strategic bases (Genesis 22:16-17, 24:60). All of these points together with numerous others show that descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes can only be found amongst Western Nations, especially the English-speaking ones.

According to the rabbis, the "Lost Ten Tribes" are for all intents and purposes "Gentiles." This information constitutes further proof that the "Lost Ten Tribes" are not those diverse claimants (African, Indians, Burmese) who maintain remnants of Judaism from somebody's former conversion or contact with the religion of Judaism.

The White Man and Western Civilization

 The White Man's Burden: Rudyard Kipling was Right
Replace “White Man” with “Western Civilization” and Kipling is as right today as he was in 1899
by Bill Levinson


Rudyard would be considered racist by today’s perverse standards, and so what? The English-Speaking Nations of White Israelites have civilized the Gentile world, as prophesied. I’m gladly as racist as the ethnocentric Bible (with its focus on the family of Jacob) teaches me to be and wholeheartedly support Israel in the Isles – regardless if that’s condemned by lesser peoples as “racist,” “colonialism,” “imperialistic,” etc.
God save South Africans and raped Rhodesia, Zimbabwe ruins, from the primitive Gentiles.

Why invoke that liberal Jewish-pimped fraud, that adulterer, that plagiarizer Michael Luther King as if he is something worthy to emulate? He’s a forged hero created by godless Jews like the terrorist Nelson Mandela – why aid and support their BIG LIE? That’s a politically correct form of racism.

Diversity Demands: Segregate Now!

Deuteronomy 32:8
8 When the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations,
When He separated the sons of Adam [even though we're all family],
He set the boundaries of the peoples
According to the number of the children of Israel.

Acts 17:26
26 And [although] He [God] has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth [we're all human]... [yet He] has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings...

FATHER GOD KNOWS BEST, don't you agree?

Diversity Demands: Segregate Now!

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Jews - the Beast and False Prophet - and Rome's Destruction
If the Jews fail to take their warnings seriously about imminent EU occupation of Jerusalem and Europe's wannabe divine emperor polluting the Third Temple, the Temple of God will be desecrated by the son of perdition, the so-called Antichrist.

Two Witnesses to Testify in Jerusalem Against Europe
Two controversial figures, referred to in the Book of Revelation as two witnesses, two olive trees, two candlesticks and two prophets, will boldly declare GOD'S JUDGMENTS and proclaim the LORD'S CONTROVERSY (Micah 3:8; 6:1-2), delivering a BLISTERING MESSAGE and a SCORCHING CONDEMNATION -- just before NUCLEAR FIRE AND BRIMSTONE RAINS DOWN upon those who've rejected GOD'S ULTIMATUM (Isaiah 41:27; 30:27).

Christ is not working backwards, but Flurry has got it backwards! Zechariah 14 clearly states international opposition against Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem, leading to the European Union seizing the whole city -- "THE CITY shall be taken" -- and following that, undoubtedly trying to appease the Arabs, the European Union forcibly divides Jerusalem.

Conflict in Jerusalem
They've placed barbed wire all around their "yard," freshly tarred their roof, have an Israeli flag flying & are still clearing out all the junk the Arabs threw in there for the past 7 years. It was exciting to drive through that Palestinian village as they looked on. Earlier, being hot as usual, I started to roll down my window when they reminded me it's better to be hot than get a stone in the face!

Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem
The one time The Traveller did run a political piece, it ruffled feathers with the local authorities. In 'Will Jerusalem become an international city?' by American writer David Ben-Ariel, readers were warned about a German-Vatican plot to take over Jerusalem, urged to take back the Temple Mount and dislodge 'as symbols of foreign occupation' Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

Israel's rejection of their 1967 miracle will result in their loss of Jerusalem. Let Israel lower its flag and mourn and paint the country BLACK since Orange was crushed under "just following orders" soldiers doing their sworn enemies' dirty work....

Isaiah 29:1
Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city where David dwelt!
Carl Sandburg, an American writer warned: "If America forgets where she came from...if she listens to the deniers and mockers, then will begin the rot and dissolution." The same principle applies to our Jewish brethren in Israel.

As the United States called upon Israel to become their virtual protectorate during Operation Desert Storm, the European Union will offer Israel guarantees of peace and security. Europe, not the overextended and highly inflated United States, will take out Iran.

The Vatican has its evil eye on Jerusalem! What better place to start their siege against the Holy City than Mt. Zion? Watch for them to fortify their position and launch an all-out attack to undermine Israeli sovereignty, enlisting Jewish traitors and the international community.

The cauldron that is Jerusalem is having the heat turned up by a series of planned events, the concerted efforts of Roman wolves in sheep's clothing, orchestrated by the Vatican. The Roman Catholic Cult, the Babylonian Mystery religion, covets the Holy City and aims on wresting control of Ariel (Jerusalem's nickname) from Israeli sovereignty by any means necessary.

As Hitler clearly outlined his plans in Mein Kampf (and furiously put them into practice his first opportunity), so the United Nations passed an ominous resolution in 1947 concerning the fate of Jerusalem: UN Resolution 181 demands the Holy City submit to the status of an "international city." That's a glorified term for ENEMY OCCUPATION!

Why would a blond, "non-Jewish" American want to emmigrate to Israel? What's the connection? Especially when so few Jews in the United States are willing to make the move. What force would drive someone to travel to Israel 11 times, serve in 8 kibbutzim and even stay there during the Persian Gulf War, complete with gas mask, with his room designated as cheder atoom - "sealed room" - that other volunteers had to run to whenever the eerie sirens sounded that another Scud Missile was headed for the Promised Land?

The world will oppose the Return of the King of the Jews, Israel's King, but the Prophets foretell such vain opposition will literally melt away. Both the Bible and the "New Testament" reveal demonic international opposition will be raised against King Messiah to foolishly fight against His return to Jerusalem, liberating it from Gentile EU occupation. They will be history - in a flash!

I was born David A. Hoover on January 10, 1960 in Bowling Green, Ohio. However, I legally changed my name to David Ben-Ariel (with the help of my Jewish lawyer) during the Spring of 1989. It cost me $300.00.

Obama could face impeachment

Bill O'Reilly: Obama Could Face Impeachment If He Pardons Illegals

Ravaged by Weather and War

Thomas Jefferson was moved to remark: "My God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!"

Ravaged by Weather and War

Sunset to Sunset: God's Sabbath Rest

Table of Contents

Too many of us live at a frantic pace, trying desperately to stay on top of everything we need to get done. It's no wonder we feel out of touch with our spouses, our families and even our Creator. But did you know that God offers a little-understood remedy for our hurried and harried lives?
The Sabbath: In the Beginning
How and why did the Sabbath day originate? Who created it, and when? When is the Sabbath to be observed, and does it matter? Who is expected to keep it? Despite the misconceptions many have, the Bible is quite clear on these important questions. You need to understand the answers!
When Is the Sabbath Day to Be Kept?
Which Day Is the Sabbath?
Names for Saturday in Many Languages Prove Which Day Is the True Sabbath
Jesus Christ and the Sabbath
How did Jesus Christ view the Sabbath day? Many believe that He came to do away with the law and that He deliberately ignored or broke this commandment. However, since the Gospels mention the Sabbath almost 50 times, we have an ample record of Christ's approach toward the day.
Just What is Legalism?
Was the Sabbath Changed in the New Testament?
The Gospels reveal that Jesus observed the Sabbath day and showed the true purpose and intent of the Sabbath commandment. Many people, however, think that Paul, the other apostles and the early Church changed the Sabbath day. But what does the record of the New Testament really say?
Was Sunday the New Testament Day of Worship?
Was God's Law Abolished in the New Testament?
Why is the Sabbath Commandment Not Repeated in the New Testament?
Surprising Admissions About the Sabbath and Sunday
"There Remains a Sabbath Rest for the People of God"
A Sign of God's People
God's Sabbath in Today's World
Is the Sabbath relevant in our modern world? Is it really practical to try to keep the Sabbath today? If so, how should we observe it? This is where an understanding of the purpose of the Sabbath law becomes important. Scripture shows that this command is a crucial key to our relationship with God.
The Sabbath in the Age to Come
What is True Worship?
Our Appointment With God
A Test for You?

Pray for Jerusalem

UCG Commentary | Archives

Why Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem?

A commentary by Peter Hawkins
United Church of God pastor, British Isles

Posted June 10, 2010

While most of us live generally peaceful lives, news reports bring into our personal space the tensions and troubles at home and abroad.

Tragedy in Cumbria; conflict in the Middle East

Just over a week ago my wife and I were part of a group touring around the north and central parts of the beleaguered land of Israel. Amazingly, we felt safe in both Israeli and Palestinian areas, in spite of the fact that Israel is surrounded by nations that would be glad to see it removed from the map. Still you could feel the tension of a nation continually on guard against terrorist attacks or possible invasion.

After returning home, Sonja and I expected to settle back into relatively calm Britain. Barely a week ago, however, the tranquillity of Cumbria and the Lake District was shattered by mass murder.

Known for its beauty and as home to several past authors and poets, Cumbria has also become an area of tragedy. This time Derrick Bird, a quiet taxi driver, "snapped." His day of rage left families and villagers mourning as he fatally shot 12 people and 12 more were seriously wounded. Mr. Bird also killed himself. It was a reminder that no place in this world is safe or immune to the violence plaguing human nature.

At the same time news from the Middle East told of another conflict brewing in this international flash point.

Terrifying experiences and expectations

Israeli security forces are on the alert to prevent additional weapons and jihadists from reaching its enemies. Israelis point out that this vigilance has subdued the spate of bombings that claimed the lives of both Palestinians and Jews a few years ago. Having been close to a small bomb blast in the 1970s in Johannesburg, South Africa, I know it is a terrifying experience.

Yet in many countries, not only Israel, people live their lives with violence and indiscriminate destruction all around them. It is not only a suicide bomber or an I.E.D. (improvised explosive device) that is a danger.

Missiles are also a constant threat in border regions.

While we were visiting Israel, local news reported the delivery of longer-ranged Scud missiles to Lebanon. So while diplomats talk, the next round of the Middle East conflict is ready to erupt. Residents of cities like Haifa and Tel Aviv live with the expectation of sirens that will trigger a rush to the bomb shelters.

Londoners who survived World War II would remember the V2 rockets overhead; when the engine stopped, the bomb was on its way down. Today, there is little time to warn residents of incoming missiles. It must be emotionally draining to live with that constant expectation.

There is no doubt the Israelis would be willing to strike at the nuclear facilities of Iran before nuclear bombs travel skyward toward their own cities and installations. Even if the rest of the world dithers as to how to handle the situation, Israel knows that without a preemptive strike, it would have only a few minutes to react to a nuclear attack.

Shalom? When will it come?

The common greeting in Israel is "shalom" or "peace," but the reality for inhabitants is that war is an ever-present threat.

As we see prophecy marching on towards the return of the Messiah (whom Jews believe is coming for the first time), it is good to know that God's eyes are continually on that land (Zechariah 2:8)—focused on the eventual return of the house of Israel to join with the house of Judah under the resurrected King David (Jeremiah 30:9; Hosea 3:5).

We stood in the excavated City of David in what was probably the foundations and broken walls of the palace of King David. It is a couple hundred yards from the steps leading up to the Temple Mount, where his son Solomon built the first temple. The Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant were probably in the area presently enclosed by the Dome of the Rock.

Jesus Christ, a descendant of David, traveled the countryside, villages and towns we visited. When He returns to the Mount of Olives (Acts 1:11), Jesus will come to restore peace.

We are encouraged to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which will come when the resurrected saints are there with the returned Messiah, working together to bring peace that will spread to the whole world!

"Jerusalem, what a strong and beautiful city you are! Every tribe of the Lord obeys him and comes to you to praise his name. David's royal throne is here where justice rules. Jerusalem, we pray that you will have peace, and that all will go well for those who love you" (Psalm 122:3-6, Contemporary English Version).

Gospel of the KingdomFor further details, be sure to request or download our booklet The Gospel of the Kingdom.

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The Middle East in Bible Prophecy
You need to understand what is prophesied to happen in the Middle East. Whether you realize it or not, or understand it or not, events there are destined to affect the lives of every person on earth. In this free booklet, you will learn the story of the past, present and future of this crucial region that was laid out thousands of years ago in the Bible.

The Middle East: Ground Zero of Bible Prophecy
Only a century ago the Middle East was a relatively peaceful and tranquil area. Today it's the most volatile region of the world, with the possibility of war breaking out at any minute. You need to understand why this change happened, where Bible prophecy indicates things are headed and what it means for you and the entire world!

Jerusalem: Center of Conflict, Center of Peace
Putting aside all the claims and counterclaims about the ownership of Jerusalem, what does the Bible say about this historic city? Who is its real owner, and what is its ultimate destiny? How will the city of almost continuous conflict become a city of enduring and everlasting peace? Let's examine the intriguing biblical story—past, present and future.

Jerusalem: Focus of Biblical Prophecy
"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples...I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it"

Israel's Amazing Story: Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy
As American writer Saul Bellow asked, "What is it that led the Jews to place themselves, after the greatest disaster in their history [the Holocaust], in a danger zone?" The surprising truth is that Jewish rule over Jerusalem is an essential element of end-time biblical prophecy!

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The Real McChrystal Message

Special Report
MacArthur Defeats Truman:
The Real McChrystal Message
By Jeffrey Lord
The political consequences for Democrats of Truman's legendary dismissal of the iconic hero of World War II – at the height of the Korean War – were both dramatic and long-lasting. In fact, those consequences are part of the political baggage of the American left – and the Obama administration – to this day.

Interview with Roderick C. Meredith concerning Race

Interview with Roderick C. Meredith
Presiding Evangelist of the Global Church of God

by Ewin H. Barnett and Sue Ann Pomicter
Q: Are there any aspects of British-Israelism that could be considered racist?

A: Not if it is presented correctly. God is not a racist at all, and He created all the races. People can misunderstand British-Israelism if we constantly harp on the fact that God chose America and Britain and blessed them and so on. [Who defines "racist" or "racism"? Does the ethnocentric Bible - with its focus on the family of Jacob - "harp" on how God has chosen Israel? - DBA]

But, on the other hand, most of our actual preaching based upon that teaching is not [that] America and Britain is the greatest, but the main thrust of the preaching that I do publicly, which means the work, and most of us do in the telecast and magazines and booklets, is the fact that we are going to be punished with the greatest national tribulation in human history because we have failed to do what God wanted us to do. So we are being racist against ourselves, if you want to look at it like that.

Q: Are all races welcome in Global, and what role will they play in the Kingdom?

A: All races are welcome in Global, and as you know we have Mr. Wesley Webster, our minister now in Washington, D.C., and still overseeing Guyana. But he is actually our Washington, D.C., minister.
We have some elders in the Philippines now, and we are going to have other elders from other ethnic backgrounds as soon as God calls them and brings them along. We are very happy to have them.

People of other races will have the same opportunity in the world ahead, in the Kingdom of God, that any of us have. They are going to be given blessings of being kings and priests right along with us. Remember, all races become spiritual Israelites when they are converted. All of us become spiritual Israelites when we inherit the promises God gave to Abraham.

Q: In the matter of interracial dating and marriage, is there anything you wish to that you had stated differently?

A: No, I've always made it very clear that we had practiced for 40-some years, going into the homes of brethren of different races, loving them, helping them, praying for them, eating with them, having them in my home for dinner, encouraging all kinds of social fellowship and loving Christian fellowship--but we discourage interracial dating and marriage. Not as a capital sin, but as something that brings a great deal of trouble, frustration, unhappiness and sorrow to the vast majority of people who get in that situation.

Following the clear example in the Bible of Abraham, even though his own household was taught the ways of God, as God says, he sent his servant to find a wife for Isaac of his own people. That is God's way. It is clearly in the Bible.

It is not put as a capital sin. We do not put people out of the church for that. We will have, and have, some interracial marriages and people in that situation in the Global Church. But we feel it's more loving to tell the people about the problems than to let them drift into problems like that without any guidance whatsoever.

Q: So, you're saying that you would perform an interracial marriage if the circumstances were correct?

A: We do not recommend interracial marriage. Our ministers have the option to perform them, and that is up to them. There could be circumstances where some of our ministers do that, I imagine.

Q: How would you respond to somebody who would then say that this is racist?

A: I would say that they themselves simply do not understand God's plan and God's purpose. God clearly, though examples and statements in the Bible, indicates that in this human, physical flesh we are male and female, we are black or white or whatever, and that we ought to emphasize our own strengths and marry within people who share those same strengths.

When I was in England, Muhammad Ali said over the BBC, this interviewer asked him: "A lot of black athletes are getting white wives. Why don't you get yourself a white wife?"

He said, "I want my sons to look like me."

That statement was very well thought out, that's normal, that's right: "I want my sons to look like me." I think people should be taught that.

You see, when they vary greatly, marrying across wide racial lines, they are in one sense repudiating their whole ancestry. They're going to change what their family and their lineage has always been, whether it be black, white, yellow, American Indian, whatever.

Of course some say that there is no sin involved, and often there isn't. The only sin that could be involved, and quite often would be, is if both parents are very knowledgeable and dedicated and perhaps both sets of parents would tell the children, "Don't do that."

In that case, they would be directly breaking the Fifth Commandment. They would be dishonoring their father and their mother by such an action, and that is breaking the Ten Commandments.

Duesberg on AIDS

Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D. is a professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Biographical Sketch
    He isolated the first cancer gene through his work on retroviruses in 1970, and mapped the genetic structure of these viruses. This, and his subsequent work in the same field, resulted in his election to the National Academy of Sciences in 1986. He is also the recipient of a seven-year Outstanding Investigator Grant from the National Institutes of Health.
    On the basis of his experience with retroviruses, Duesberg has challenged the virus-AIDS hypothesis in the pages of such journals as Cancer Research, Lancet, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science, Nature, Journal of AIDS, AIDS Forschung, Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapeutics, New England Journal of Medicine and Research in Immunology. He has instead proposed the hypothesis that the various American/European AIDS diseases are brought on by the long-term consumption of recreational drugs and/or AZT itself, which is prescribed to prevent or treat AIDS.  See The AIDS Dilemma: Drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus.
    For a detailed discussion of American/European AIDS as opposed to African AIDS, see The African AIDS Epidemic: New and Contagious or Old Under a New Name.
    This is Duesberg's official site, containing his written works on the subject, as well as other scientists that support his views such as Kary B. Mullis. Kary Mullis won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction technique for detecting DNA. This is the technique used to search for fragments of HIV in AIDS patients. 
    Prof. Duesberg's findings have been a thorn in the side of the medical establishment and drug companies since 1987. Instead of engaging in scientific debate, however, the only response has been to cut-off funding to further test Professor's Duesberg's hypothesis.

HIV-AIDS hypothesis out of touch with South African AIDS - A new perspective

HIV-AIDS hypothesis out of touch with South African AIDS - A new perspective.
Med Hypotheses. 2009 Jul 18;
Authors: Duesberg PH, Nicholson JM, Rasnick D, Fiala C, Bauer HH

A recent study by Chigwedere et al., "Estimating the lost benefits of antiretroviral drug use in South Africa", claims that during the period from 2000 to 2005 about 330,000 South African AIDS-deaths were caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) per year that could have been prevented by available anti-HIV drugs. The study blamed those who question the hypothesis that HIV is the cause of AIDS, particularly former South African President Thabo Mbeki and one of us, for not preventing these deaths by anti-HIV treatments such as the DNA chain-terminator AZT and the HIV DNA inhibitor Nevirapine. Here we ask, (1) What evidence exists for the huge losses of South African lives from HIV claimed by the Chigwedere study? (2) What evidence exists that South Africans would have benefited from anti-HIV drugs? We found that vital statistics from South Africa reported only 1 "HIV-death" per 1000 HIV antibody-positives per year (or 12,000 per 12 million HIV antibody-positives) between 2000 and 2005, whereas Chigwedere et al. estimated losses of around 330,000 lives from HIV per year. Moreover, the US Census Bureau and South Africa reported that the South African population had increased by 3 million during the period from 2000 to 2005 instead of suffering losses, growing from 44.5 to 47.5 million, even though 25% to 30% were positive for antibodies against HIV. A similar discrepancy was found between claims for a reportedly devastating HIV epidemic in Uganda and a simultaneous massive growth of the Ugandan population. Likewise, the total Sub-Saharan population doubled from 400 millions in 1980 to 800 millions in 2007 during the African HIV epidemics. We conclude that the claims that HIV has caused huge losses of African lives are unconfirmed and that HIV is not sufficient or even necessary to cause the previously known diseases, now called AIDS in the presence of antibody against HIV. Further we call into question the claim that HIV antibody-positives would benefit from anti-HIV drugs, because these drugs are inevitably toxic and because there is as yet no proof that HIV causes AIDS. [emphasis mine - DBA]

PMID: 19619953 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] [PubMed-HIV]

Obama defends criminals and illegals

An open letter from actor Jon Voight to President Obama:
June 22, 2010

President Obama:
You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You have done just the opposite. You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm's way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.

You have brought this to a people who have given the world the Ten Commandments and most laws we live by today. The Jewish people have given the world our greatest scientists and philosophers, and the cures for many diseases, and now you play a very dangerous game so you can look like a true martyr to what you see and say are the underdogs. But the underdogs you defend are murderers and criminals who want Israel eradicated.

You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals, creating a meltdown for good, loyal, law-abiding citizens. Your destruction of this country may never be remedied, and we may never recover. I pray to God you stop, and I hope the people in this great country realize your agenda is not for the betterment of mankind, but for the betterment of your politics.

With heartfelt and deep concern for America and Israel,
Jon Voight

© Copyright 2010 The Washington Times, LLC

Obama dogs America

"Where's the Birth Certificate?" dogs Obama

Obama dogs America by his proud and stubborn refusal to be transparent with his long form birth certificate, so legitimate Americans will continue to dog Obama with the legitimate question:

"Where's the Birth Certificate?" dogs Obama

Germany—Coming Military Dictatorship

Twin trends in Germany spell danger ahead.


Germany—Coming Military Dictatorship

Has science made God obsolete?

Living Church of God Commentary: Has science made God obsolete? 
We live in truly remarkable times - times which your Bible prophesied long ago. Two general trends the Bible mention define our age as they define no other: "Many shall run to and fro [many shall travel here and there as never before], and knowledge shall increase" (Daniel 12:4, NKJV). One meaning of the Hebrew word translated "and ... shall increase" (watirbeh) is "and ... shall multiply" - and as the years go by, we see human knowledge multiplying at a faster and faster rate! Read more

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UnJews prefer foes to Christian friends

S. HaLevi commented on
I love Jerusalem, Jews and Israel!
The unJews much rather allow in neo-Nazis from the former USSR, provide VIP passes to Hamas and Abbas murderers than bend a bit for a Christian friend or Jews for that matter.

Soon we all will have to face far worse because of those criminals plots.

Be well my friend.


Have you heard the Gospel?

Have you heard?

Recently I told someone that my doctor said I was definitely in "decline" (I have AIDS).

He said, "Can I preach the gospel to your unconverted family and friends at your funeral?" I said, "No" (for many reasons). I also said I wasn't going to have any funeral and plan on being cremated. I commented my family and friends already heard the gospel. I said, "Everybody in America has heard the gospel," and he said he wasn't so sure about that. His doubts notwithstanding, anybody who knows me knows how outspoken I am about my beliefs and how I've written extensively about them in many articles and within my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall.

Beyond Babylon fulfills the need to proclaim the gospel and warn the world; it includes the truth about our Hebrew roots and responsibility (the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples are an important part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, the Tribe of Joseph specifically); about God's Sabbath and "Jewish" (biblical) Holy Days versus Satan's counterfeit Sunday and whitewashed pagan holidays like Christmas and Easter that God hates; about Israel's demise and Europe's rise - these are foundational truths.

Have you heard the gospel of the Kingdom of God is that we can be forgiven any sin we confess and forsake, so help us God, receiving the pardon and the power, that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ has got us covered; the good news of the Kingdom of God is that God is a Kingdom-Family into which we may be born again at the resurrection - born again as literal God-Beings! The good news is that the Kingdom-Family of God will be a literal government of God-Beings that will establish justice and righteousness from Jerusalem and save the earth and mankind from complete destruction and annihilation. If you hadn't heard this GOOD NEWS before, you have now!

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                                                      FROLICKING IN THE OIL by Barry Chamish      

        (On The Beach, Florida) There is an oil leak in the Swamp Of Mexico that will never be capped. The pressures from the deep shattered the pipe well below the surface, exploding the funnel in many places. Oil is leaking from holes becoming too numerous to keep track of. The beaches of Western Florida are now home to an ever increasing number of tar balls and at the height of the season, tourism has all but died. To save the unsalvageable situation, Florida's governor, Charlie Crist, took $25 million that was desperately needed to support the newly unemployed, to distribute an ad inviting people to Florida's "pristine" beaches. Like Netanyahu's flotilla argument, "But they attacked us first," Crist's was believed by no one. Whether out of desperation or corruption, I care not. For I am now The Anti-Crist.      
        The reserve of oil gushing into the new swamp, is reportedly the second biggest on earth. When finally emptied, a billion barrels of oil will have I did from Israel. I ended up in my safe Florida paradise, far from the deadly corruption of Israel. The computer analyses say my paradise will be inundated in about six weeks.
        Well, I've had it. No one or nothing is going to make me flee again. This leak is no disaster. It provides us all with a wonderful opportunity to live in a beautiful new environment. I'm looking forward to the arrival of the oil. And shouldn't we all be? What's a manatee ever done for me? I can't wait to frolic in the oil.
        With so much now to occupy me in Florida, Israel's crimes almost seem mundane. It seems that the Sharon family is being indicted for taking a big bribe from one Martin Schlaff:

The national fraud squad has recommended that Omri and Gilad Sharon be indicted for mediating bribery and to indict Austrian magnate Martin Schlaff for giving bribes to the tune of $3 million. The police allege that the bribe money was given to former prime minister Ariel Sharon. The police say they have evidence that the original loan to Gilad Sharon, as well as the $3 million loan, came from a company controlled by Schlaff. Since the affair broke, Schlaff has stayed away from Israel, even missing his father's recent funeral in Jerusalem. 

         And look who jumped from the nineteenth floor and won't be testifying at the Sharons' trial:

The New York medical examiner ruled Solomon Obstfeld's June 9 death a suicide, but family and friends insist Obstfeld was murdered after a dispute with an Israeli rabbi.

The mysterious death of an Orthodox Jewish millionaire on June 9 in New York has sparked a whirlwind of rumors, even though the medical examiner ruled the death a suicide.
Solomon (Shlomo) Obstfeld fell to his death from the 19th floor of his posh Manhattan apartment, and while New York police have yet to close the case, Obstfeld's family members and close friends believe he was murdered and have hired a private investigator to look into his death.
The New York Daily News reported that Obstfeld was connected with former Israeli prime ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert and also had ties with Austrian businessman Martin Schlaff, who attended Obstfeld's funeral.
Israeli police suspect Schlaff of having bribed Sharon and want to question him.
It has also been reported that Olmert visited Obstfeld's office two weeks before Obstfeld's death.

Trying but just failing to beat Obsfeld's record, without us knowing why yet, Danny Barak was pushed from the 17th floor:

Israel’s Leader Capital Markets CEO “Commits Suicide”

June 14th, 2010
Via: Reuters :
The chief executive of Leader Capital Markets, one of Israel’s top investment banks, has committed suicide, a company spokeswoman said on Sunday.
Danny Barak, 48, jumped from his office on the 17th floor of one of Tel Aviv’s most prominent office towers on Friday, the spokeswoman said.
Barak, who is survived by his wife and four children, did not leave a note explaining his suicide.
“It is a mystery,” the spokeswoman said.
In the background possibly is LCM's involvement with the financial meltdown in Hungary and the toxic derivatives crises at Société Générale (France) and Commerzbank-Dresdner (Germany).

Rabbi Obsfeld's murder fits in the one-sided civil war going on in Israel which sees Labor Zionism weakening, dividing, murdering, and arresting the religious public. I am sent unending reports of illegal arrests. Here is a note I received yesterday sent by an old friend and a gentle one, Bruce Brill;

Yesterday I had "my day in court." This is the case where the police in an illegal search of my place found my collection of bullets which they claim is illegal (I guess THEY'RE experts on what's "illegal." To sum up, the 4 witnesses I asked to come to testify on my behalf were made to sit out in the unairconditioned hall for the duration... about 4 and a half hours, AND WEREN'T CALLED in to testify. The court session ran out of time because the police prosecutor didn't bring the evidence. The judge asked them to produce the evidence and after waiting for over an hour they said that they can't locate the evidence. Shades of the Keystone Cops. My poor witnesses: wasted an entire half day on my account. I feel so bad for their loss of time. In the courtroom, my lawyer's cross examination got countless answers from the cops, again and again and again that they "don't remember" details of what transpired. One of the things they "didn't recall" was that I played the violin during the search (they forced me to play it or else they would have laid their grubby hands on my 230 year-old violin). Even THAT they "didn't remember."  Such liars! None of them, NONE OF THEM, could quote the so-called law that I violated upon which they're indicting me.
Instead of dismissing the case, the judge is giving the police another 2 weeks-plus to produce the evidence and another date for the continuation of the case was set for July 6th.

This week's outrage occurred two weeks before the school year ended, when the Supreme Court of Israel ordered 44 Ashkenazi families to force their children into a Sephardic school. The protests  began. They are reported as proof of Ashkenazi bigotry when in fact, it's precisely the same as ordering Methodist parents to send their children to a Baptist school. Who incited this provocation? A week before the court decision, Pres. Shimon Peres arranged a meeting with Dep. Religious Affairs Minister Porush. The court's decision was made by Judge Edmund Levy, who adjudicated the Yigal Amir trial and thus built the Rabin coverup; the compromise agreement was suggested by the politician and party thoroughly corrupted by Peres in the 80s, Arye Deri of the Shas Party; and the whole ruckus was initiated by the New Israel Fund, the poster child of the Peres Peace Center.
      Another outrage was the report from the Disengagement Authority Director, Yonathan Basi to PM Netanyahu. It turns out, or it has been widely reported, and there is a difference, that Basi had instructions to break up the Gush Katif villages. They chose to stay together, so five years after the Gaza evacuation, the refugees mostly live in mobile homes with the cockroaches. Such is the fate of anyone who chooses Judaism in Israel.
     The problem is that Israel has a two front battle going, and the victims of the civil war think the Arab threat is the more immediate. So they defend an Israel that despises them. What these patriots don't understand is both fronts will equally crush them. They have to defeat the Israeli "secret" establishment no less than they have to overcome the Arabs and their allies. The stakes are precisely the same.
     There are numerous non-religious, right-wing writers who are 30 years out of date and essentially parrot whatever is the Israeli government spin on anything. They deservedly have a readership dwindling towards zero. Then there are religious writers who have their audience. They are becoming dangerous to their readers' survival. They not only puppet their government's nonsense but have all kinds of other foes like Arabs, Lefties, professors, erev rav...anything and anyone but their most vicious enemy, the government of Israel.

     During the mid-80s, Israel's beaches were littered with oil and tar balls. We weren't told how they got there. I loved to fish and camp by the Mediterranean. Sure, you had to throw out your clothes sticky with oil afterwards. But not all was bad, in fact there was a notable improvement. You threw a tar ball on the campfire and it burst into a blue flame that lasted to the morning. There was no need to gather driftwood for the fire anymore.
     Oil can be tons of fun when there is nothing you can do to stop it.


The Death of Durban

 A Blog illustrating the collapse and physical destruction of the beautiful, happy holiday city of Durban in the "New South Africa" -- the things that tourists are NOT told about. BE WARNED - YOUR HAPPY HOLIDAY FUN COULD MAKE YOU VIOLENTLY SICK

The Death of Durban

Soccer Bafana Bafana South Africa’s most Expensive Sporting Flop

Soccer Bafana Bafana South Africa’s most Expensive Sporting Flop
I am very sorry to burst your bubble and put a dampener on this sporting madness.
As a very proud top South African sportsman in many sports and 15 years as a Springbok cyclist I would like to point out the following obvious facts.
Let’s just compare 2 sports in South Africa.
Soccer Bafana Befana v Rugby Springboks
Bafana Bafana:
More than R100 MILLION Tax payers money spent on coach, training and selecting.
Millions Tax payers money spent on incentives to score goals.
Bafana Rated +-84 in the World which is very close to last.
 More than R100 MILLION Tax payers money spent advertising and promoting Bafana on SABC-TV, radio etc.
Millions spent on a ticker-tape parade through the streets in every town SA before they have even played a single match.
You only have a ticker-tape parade after you have won and you are World Champions.
South Africa’s expectations were blown completely out of proportion.
Most African teams are rated near last in terms of FIFA.
Racial discrimination, not one white in the Bafana team.
Most of the time Bafana played like Fowls with their heads cut off.
Most of the shots at goals were so far off target that if the goal posts were double the width and double the height they would still be off target.
A total shambles with the affirmative Black sports administrators and ANC Black Political interference.
Did you actually believe that Bafana Bafana could win the World Cup?
You must be delusional wearing rose coloured sun glasses like that idiot Sutcliffe.
Bishop Tutu prayed for them and ever the LORD could not help Bafana.
Compare Bafana to Argentina, Maradona, Messi and those professional experts, now that’s soccer, absolutely brilliant.
The only way they could beat Messi was to have 5 players mark him permanently and foul him at every opportunity.
The poor quality of the FIFA referees is absolutely shocking.

Rugby Springboks:
The Springbok World Champions still rated as the best in the World.
Very little Tax payer’s money spent on coach, training and selecting.
No Tax payer’s money spent on incentives to score tries.
Rated BEST in the World.
Very little Tax payer’s money spent advertising and promoting Springboks on SABC-TV, radio etc.
Very Little money spent on a ticker-tape parade through the streets in every town SA
Massive ticker-tape parade after winning the World Championships, TRUE CHAMPIONS.
South Africa’s expectations are always high and the Springboks deliver regularly.
The Best team is selected.
Most of the time the Springboks play very professionally and set the standard for the rest of the world.
Springboks score regularly and most of the conversions are on target.
Minimal shambles with the affirmative Black sports administrators.
We still need less interference from idiot ANC Black Politicians who have never played the sport in their lives.
Did you actually believe that the Springboks could win the World Championships?
YES we do expect them to win and they do regularly.
Perfect example Springboks v France
Newlands 2010_06_12
Springboks 42 to17 France
Springboks the BEST.
Rugby Sharks and Blue Bulls fantastic.
There are many other sports in South Africa where the sportsman and women are GENUINE World Leaders, Sporting HERO’S but get very little recognition or cash.
The so called “beautiful game” is definitely NOT beautiful.
It is chaotic, in disarray and down right boring.
Very few goals, I suggest modifying the goal posts by making them one metre wider and one metre higher.
The vuvuzelas are deafening and should be banned.
Referees desperately need training and must be consistent.
FIFA must Stop acting like the mafia they do NOT own South Africa.
Arresting ladies for wearing a yellow dress what a disgrace.
Since when was this a criminal offence?
Deporting so called “soccer hooligans” when we have the most violent Black criminals and highest crime rate in the World.
Your “soccer hooligans” are amateurs compared to our violent Black criminals.
Forcefully restricting trading to FIFA only.
I was also told that the food at the FIFA Durban stadium was disgusting.
Forcefully harassing surfers and fishermen on Durban’s beaches.
This arrogant FIFA monopoly should be taken to the competition commission.
Who is going to pay the more than 40 BILLION of South African tax payer’s money spent on stadiums and facilities for FIFA to get rich?

ANC BLACK Politicians:
Don’t you have other very urgent matter to attend to?
284 ANC South Africa Municipalities are BANKRUPT in debt to more than R50 BILLION.
284 ANC Municipalities sewerage purification works NOT working, RAW sewerage + 55 million condoms and very dangerous pollution flowing directly into rivers.
BILLIONS of Rands of Tax and Rate payers’ money STOLEN by ANC BLACK Politician thieves, family and friends, most deposited in overseas bank accounts.
When are they going to arrest the ANC BLACK thieves?
WHO is going to arrest the ANC BLACK thieves?
The ANC Blacks are the worst liars.
I am very sorry to burst your bubble and put a dampener on this sporting madness.

We need Zero Tolerance on all Criminals.
All the information in this letter is of PUBLIC INTEREST.
Many will call it “RACIST”.
I agree it is RACIST.

For more information & details sms Cell: 082-964-8877 or
E-mail: to me your name + Postal address + crime, I will post you FREE CD.

Please tell me your crime story.

Its time to stand up and Be Counted.

Best Regards,

Snowy Smith
Senior Complaints Investigator
Consumer Protection Guide (No Fear, No Favour)
Fair Civil Law

The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil.
South Africa is a Country of Thieves.
South Africa has the Highest Crime Rate in the World.

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FCL Investigates and Exposes all CRIME, Theft, Fraud, Bribery,
Corruption, Misrepresentation, Abuse of Power etc.
FCL also investigates all consumer complaints and
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FCL is fighting for Consumer Rights and Redress to Complaints.
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