Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Obama Nominee, Another Union Stooge

From The National Right to Work Committee:

In our previous Obama Administration alerts, we revealed that President Obama’s high-profile promises for increased ethics and transparency go out the window when it comes time to pay back Big Labor.

For instance, Department of Labor appointee Deborah Greenfield is still listed as a lawyer for the AFL-CIO in a lawsuit challenging that very federal agency over conflict-of-interest reporting requirements. And Craig Becker, one of Obama’s nominees to serve on the National Labor Relations Board, is a radical union lawyer and forced unionism proponent who doesn’t believe workers should have any choice whatsoever to refuse unionization.

Now, in a new special video report, National Right to Work president Mark Mix discusses Obama’s other NLRB nominee, Mark Pearce. Pearce, like Becker and Greenfield, has worked as a lawyer for the AFL-CIO, and his appointment clearly violates the promises made by President Obama during his campaign.

In one notorious case, Pearce defended Frank Ervolino, a local union boss with alleged ties to the criminal underworld who, along with his wife, was indicted by a federal grand jury for embezzling more than $235,000 in union funds.

Not much else is widely known about Pearce, though he has disturbingly admitted he suffers from an internal "struggle" between being a lawyer and pursuing life as an artist.But even more disturbing is that he is clearly aiming to be another Obama appointee who will rubber stamp Big Labor’s agenda.To watch the full video report, click here.

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