Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How did MO SHAIK get the Job? South Africa

Dear Sir,

How did MO SHAIK get the Job?
ZUMA 783 to 1400 charges dropped.
Mo Shaik + Zuma
Zuma + Mo Shaik

Appointment of one Mo Shaik (brother of Schabir, Zuma’s buddy who was sent to jail for 15 years for fraud and let out because he was about to croak, hehe) as head of the SA Secret Service, life will doubtlessly get kinda fun.

The burning question is “How did MO SHAIK get the Job?”


Was MO the one who did the illegal SPYING on the National Prosecuting Authority?

Illegal cell phone SPYING on the National Prosecuting Authority.
Illegal computer SPYING on the National Prosecuting Authority.
The Illegal SPYING info that got ZUMA off?
ZUMA 783 to 1400 charges dropped.
Fraud, Corruption, Money Laundering, Racketeering, Illegal cell phone tapping of NPA, Illegal spying on NPA.
SPYING, did they have a High Court Judges signed High Court Order?


P.S. Schabir Shaik still ALIVE and very healthy.

Best Regards,

Snowy Smith
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