Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Europe demands a crisis

Irrelevance, Europe’s logical choice

Europe’s political leaders are forever swearing to turn a united Europe into a new superpower. But European citizens seem unconvinced. Being a superpower can be a burdensome and bloody business and many Europeans want to keep their heads down, writes Gideon Rachman - May 19 2008


All Europe needs is a crisis - real or manufactured - to jolt them out of their stupor that business as usual can continue indefinitely. Folks usually don't change until they're forced to and the Europeans will surprise themselves at how quickly they can shift gears when they come under Iranian attack - or some other monstrous provocation that will bring out the beast in them.

An assault against the EU will require an attitude adjustment and the whole world will be startled to witness it. Remember how quickly Americans rejected their preferred isolationism after Pearl Harbor?

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