Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Plain Truth About Ron Weinland

The Plain Truth About Ron Weinland

Ron Weinland is drunk on his delusions...

Ron Weinland is a FALSE PROPHET and illegitimately claims to be one of the Two Witnesses.

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Dill Weed said...

I mock therefore I am. I am mocking Ronald Weinland, the 1st of The Two Witnesses of Revelation, the 2nd Witnesses is …. (Drum roll) his wife, Laura. (Smug look, yeah that’s right, his wife.) There’s nothing like keeping it in the family.
Oh, Yeah and Lo – she’s a prophet, too which means she’s over the elders in COG-PKG. Word. (Bet they love that) Does it get any better than this? The only thing better is watching his predictions fail one after another and hearing him try to talk his way out of them.
You are cordially invited to visit my humorous blog for a chuckle or two or perhaps a knee slap or even a guffaw. Stop by and become a follower (in the good sense, of course).

I mock thee Ronald Weinland.

Witness that.

Dill Weed