Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bible studies

Bible Study by Topic
The Day Jesus Died
Topics Covered
True meaning and symbolism of Easter, Introduction to the New Testament Passover, The last Passover (last supper) Jesus kept, Observing the Christian Passover, The Sacrifice of Jesus, The Days of Unleavened Bread, Unleavened Recipes plus Visitor questions.

Topics Covered
Types and traits of angels, Human contact with angels, Jesus' contact with angels, Judgment of angels, Satan, Deceptions promoted by fallen angels.

Health and Dress
Topics Covered
Addictions, Alcohol, Bible diet, Dress, Drugs, Medical, Mental Health, Tattoos and Jewelry.

Apostle Paul
Topics Covered
Timelines of Paul's life and ministry, Pictures related to Paul's preaching of gospel, Maps on Paul's missionary journeys, Answers to visitor questions about Apostle Paul.

Marriage and the Family
Topics Covered
Dating, Marriage, Children, Teaching Children, Children and Salvation, Divorce.

Book of Proverbs
Topics Covered
Adultery, Alcohol, Anger, Blessings and Curses, Child-rearing, Happiness, Health, Hope, Prosperity, Seduction, The Virtuous Woman and more!

Bible Overview
Topics Covered
Bible Errors, Biblical weights and measures, Chronology of old and new testaments, Location of Biblical events, Lost books of the Bible, People in the Bible, Translation of the Bible, Validity and inspiration of Bible.

Topics Covered
Prophecy basics, Prophecy timelines, Old Testament prophets, Prophecies concerning Jesus, the End Time, the Great Tribulation, Second Coming of Christ.

Bible Sabbath
Topics Covered
Catholic and Protestant views about Bible Sabbath, Saturday versus Sunday Sabbath, Sabbath history, Enjoying the Bible Sabbath, Answers to visitor questions.

Topics Covered
Abortion, Adultery, Birth control, Homosexuality, Incest, Masturbation, Pre-marital sex, Sex in marriage, Sexual practices, Sexual sins.

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