Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good News magazine

September/October 2008
Vol. 13, Num. 5

Editorial: World-Transforming Leadership
A Good News editorial

Cover Story
What's the Key to Real Leadership?
Everywhere we look we see a great need for real leadership. But what exactly is real leadership? What is its foundation? Can someone be a good leader without displaying real leadership? The Bible reveals the key to real leadership that so few understand—and, encouragingly, shows how that leadership will transform the world!

Could Jesus Christ Be Elected President?
As the United States enters the final weeks of a hotly contested presidential election campaign, this is a good time to ask a crucial question: Could Jesus Christ be elected president? You might be surprised!

Coming: God's Solutions to the World's Problems
Nearly everywhere we look, the world seems to be spinning out of control. Why do we see so many problems? Can we find a solution? Does the Bible offer hope for solutions to our longstanding problems?

The Russian Bear Has Awakened
While the world was distracted by the Olympic games in Beijing, Russia suddenly invaded Georgia, a staunch Western ally and possible future NATO member. What's behind Russia's muscle-flexing ?

The Resurrection of the Dead: What Does the Bible Teach?
Many people have at least a vague notion that the Bible teaches about a resurrection of the dead. But what is the resurrection all about? And how does it fit into God's overall plan for salvation?

-Sidebar-Who Resurrected Jesus Christ?

The Mediterranean Union: Seeds of a New Roman Empire?
In July Barack Obama was greeted in the Middle East and Europe as a political superstar. But a potentially far more important development in that part of the world the week before garnered little attention.

Is Halloween Harmless?
Every year at Halloween, well-meaning parents dress their children in grotesque and ghoulish costumes. Is Halloween really harmless? Who and what's behind this bizarre holiday? And what does Scripture say?

Peace: The Hunger of Human Hearts
The apostle Paul, while locked in a depressing prison cell, wrote that we can experience "God's peace, which is far beyond human understanding." You too can have this unique contentment and peace!

-Sidebar-World Peace—Will It Ever Come?

Man's Endless Quest for Happiness
How can you discover real happiness? Many people look for it by acquiring more and more or doing more and more. But that's not where real happiness lies. Do you know how to find the real key?

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World News and Trends
An overview of conditions around the world.

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Readers of The Good News share their thoughts.

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