Thursday, October 30, 2008

Noahide nonsense

Noahides and Jewish soul snatchers?

Noahides Warmly Welcomed Along Unfamiliar Journey
Hillel Fendel

Accepting the Torah, But Remaining a Gentile
Non-Jews came to Jerusalem to take vows to follow the Sheva Mitzvot Benai Noach, and some Arabs talk of joining the Jewish people.

Noachides are barren fools, devoid of biblical festivals and without the Sabbath and other treasures given to all mankind, living in their limbo land of neither Jewish or Christian or anything, but feeling good about being nothing.

Basically the Noahides are simply required to live moral lives and not participate in pagan worship, which is what true Christians do, many who were Gentilized Israelites (Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples) but have returned to our Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities.

Should Jews be considered "soul snatchers" for encouraging the Noahide nonsense rather than encouraging Gentilized Israelites to at least remember the Sabbath and holy days and dietary laws?

Joseph isn't Jewish!

All Twelve Tribes of Israel aren't Jewish?

Israel and Judah Must Get House in Order Before King Messiah Arrives

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Ben said...

You are wrong my friend. Noahides respects Shabbat or in English (Sabbath)deeply, most would refuse to work during Shabbat which starts from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. Not the sunday thing like you do. Its always a tradition that Shabbat starts friday sunset to saturday sunset since way before Christianity is founded by Peter. There is no soul snatching. I have been a Christian all my life but for what purpose? Just believe Jesus die in a cross and thats it? The commandments in your OT is not important anymore as your NT stated? From my experience. I have learn more from Judaism than I have with Christianity. The things I have learned from Judaism are things that havent changed for thousands of years. Interesting things and makes perfect sense why I am here. Liife is short. Our purpose here is to serve G-d and love life. Gentiles like us. When Moshiach (english: messiah) comes. There will be no war. No hatred. Just Peace and wolves will rest next to a sheep as the good book says. Jesus is a false Moshiach, he did not fulfil all the prophecies given to the prophets by G-d Almighty. Give me a prove he is decendant of King David. EVen if 'Joseph' is one, he did not have a sexual intercourse with 'Mary'. That doesnt make Jesus DIRECT decendant to King David :P