Friday, December 26, 2008

Hatred, discrimination, racism - against whites

Why is it difficult, apparently impossible, for some to condemn hatred, discrimination, and racism - when it's directed against people of white color? I'm sad to report those liberals who bask in the limelight, those who are the alleged vanguard against these things (as long as they apply to non-whites), clearly exercise double standards and indulge in a rank hypocrisy that stinks to High Heaven! They've only confirmed what I already knew, but had sincerely hoped to be proven wrong:

MILITANT MINORITIES have a dream: supremacy. They only clamor for "equality" as a stepping-stone for their real goal: replacing those in the positions of power with their own kind.
- The Curse of Jeremiah Wrights

This indicative email exchange explains what I'm talking about. It was between Daryle Lamont Jenkins, of One Peoples Project, and myself, David Ben-Ariel, author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall.

DBA: Sphinx Organization isn't Racist?

DLJ: You lost me here. Why was this sent to us?

DBA: Aren't you against hate, discrimination, racism?

DLJ: Yes, we are.

DBA: IF that's true, then why haven't you heard or done anything about the racist Sphinx Organization? Do you narrowly focus on people of white color's real or imagined hate, racism, discrimination and shamefully ignore it when they are the victim of hate, discrimination and racism? It appears that's the way it is with all the self-righteous groups "monitoring hate." I hope your group isn't hypocritical like others have proven themselves to be.
What do you say?

DLJ: Never heard of the Sphinx Organization, but you don't have a problem with us going after white racists, do you? Because with so many of them being ignored while racists of other colors immediately get routed and prevented from going further - along with those of the same color who aren't racist - we think it would not be wise to continue giving white racists a pass.

DBA: You've heard of them now. What will you do about it? Turn a blind eye because they're representative of "respectable" racism against white people? I sincerely hope not. Who said to give "white racists" a pass if they're doing something illegal and aren't just hounded by liberal dogs for exercising their freedoms of speech and religion? I'm opposed to blatant hypocrisy and DOUBLE STANDARDS those who "monitor hate" horrible exhibit. Racism isn't a one way street. Why pretend it is? Will you look into the racist Sphinx Organization?

DLJ: Well, here's the thing: If the Sphinx Organization isn't doing anything illegal and are just being hounded by conservative dogs for exercising their freedoms of speech and religion and we do nothing, will you be upset about that? Because the white racists we go after do more than that, and when they don't we leave them alone. You don't want us to change our policy, do you?

DBA: The racist Sphinx Organization is ILLEGALLY discriminating against children of white color and taking taxpayer's monies to fund their hate, their discrimination, their racism. Are you comfortable with that? It appears so, and I was hoping at least one group that smugly "monitors hate" would have the decency, the honesty, to condemn it as righteously as they would if it were a racist white organization. What are you going to do about the racist Sphinx Organization's illegal and racist practice of discrimination? Turn a blind eye? Do you have a conscience? Do you exercise double standards? HATE hurts everybody - including the children of white color who the racist Sphinx Organization practices discrimination against.

DLJ: Found something interesting: A guy posting by the name of "David Ben-Ariel" has a lot of hateful things on the Internet against Muslims. Not just those who engage in terrorism, but those who are good citizens who never engage in such things. There was one line I found that said "Muslims constantly use our freedoms and way of life against us to help advance their goal of an Islamic world. They are already all over YouTube and now they plan to invade Facebook to spread their propaganda." The same can be said of Christians, but I don't think Mr. Ben-Ariel would be anywhere as vitriolic. I hope you are not associated with that, because as you said HATE hurts everybody, and you would not want to be what you say the Sphinx Organization is about.

DBA: Apparently you not only fail to expose and condemn black racists and reverse discrimination, you're careless in what you read and attribute to folks. I didn't write that quote you falsely attribute to me about Muslims, but I do agree with it since it's true. Why do you hate truth? Won't you let it set you free? Unlike you and your ilk, I discriminate between what is good and evil, what is to be hated and what is to be loved, based upon the black and white of the Bible - not the replacement theology the Politically Correct Cult spews. It is good to hate evil, but it is evil for folks like you to hate that which is good and misrepresent it as evil.

I believe I'll post your hypocrisy for the whole world to see how typical "hate monitors" are with their glaring double standards and hate for white people.

DLJ: If you notice, I didn't attribute that quote to you. I specifically noted that it was something I found with presumably your name on it. Still, you defend it as being truth. So in other words, it is not hypocrisy you are fighting, but rather people who will get in your way whenever you want to promote your hatred. Feel free to post whatever it is I say. There's a lot of stuff on the website and on the forum that you might want to use as well. Just know that in the end yours is just a tactic used by so many of your ilk to attempt to get a pass for your garbage, and it has never worked.

By the way, have you ever been critical of those conservative commentators who have never gone after white racists when they are going after racists of color at the same time?

DBA: Are you a racist? Don't you go after black racists? Condemn black racism? Like Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam? And why do you present the Black Panthers in a favorable light on your site?

DLJ: I am not a fan of the Black Panthers, especially not the guy in Philadelphia. You misread that. And Jeremiah Wright is not what real racists like Sean Hannity and other conservatives made him out to me. If he was this controversial in the past, he most certainly would have been blown out of the water years before Bill Clinton let him into his White House. The only thing that made him so was propaganda by people who wanted to win an election. Nation of Islam - well, maybe you should ask Robert Novak about that one. I will take issue with NOI's conservatism.

Nope. No black racist here. In fact if you actually bothered to look at the website, you would see that OPP does go after several African Americans. Southern Poverty Law Center does too. You are trying to justify your own hatred, so in truth the shame is all yours :).

DBA: So Daryle, will you check out the apparent racism and discrimination of the Sphinx Organization, and if not, why? If not, that is clearly a double standard and rank hypocrisy and I hope such isn't the case.

DLJ: I don't think you are too concerned with the racism, only that you're not be allowed to be racist yourself.

DBA: Even if that were true, it's totally irrelevant to the hate, discrimination and racism of the Sphinx Organization. Just as I sadly expected, you've FAILED to answer the question. It appears that gives me my answer and it's ugly.


Nikki said...

So much time and energy is spent by those trying to justify their own racism.

DBA - you want attention. You have no interest in the Sphinx Organization - and there is nothing in anything that I have read which would label them as "racist." Wanting to encourage any youth in this day an age is admirable. The truth of the matter is that symphonic orchestras have long been primarily comprised of white musicicans. Any efforts to level the playing field in that area or others is welcomed.

While you are busily posting and complaining on websites and blogs and attempting to validate your own racism there are those of us actively trying to make this world a better place. Won't you please do the same?

Christopher Logan said...

I see David speaking out against Islam in some of his articles. Islam is not a race, it is an ideology hell bent on enslaving the world. I applaud David for taking a stand.

David Ben-Ariel said...

Nikki, how can you help make the world a better place when you're either willfully or woefully blind to reverse discrimination? Nothing racist about the Sphinx Organization? Read this and see how they discriminate against children of white color: Sphinx Organization isn't racist? Then we'll see how honest you are, how truly committed you are to making this world a better place rather than turning a blind eye to black racism, as it appears you're doing, since you want attention from non-whites. Why is that? WHITE GUILT?

Nikki said...

No guilt here, David. I have already read your rant about this organization and wondered why you would be so bothered about a group that is trying to help young people of color develop their talent and make their lives better. Then I read some of the other postings that you have made across the internet and gained a better understanding of your insecurities and your fears.

Your cries of "reverse discrimination" are nothing new or novel. This is old schtick and a very tired argument given our history. I keep waiting for some racist to come along with something new but all we seem to get anymore is the same old lame mantra - where's the ingenuity? I guess it's kinda hard when you're always shot down and your ideology is nothing more than trite drivel.

Racism is everywhere and is practiced by people in all walks of life and of all ethnicities. No one group has the market cornered. It's all wrong and it hurts regardless of whom it is practiced against.

There is a difference, however, between excusionary practices and discrimination. Special interest groups and organizations are just that - special interest. Breast cancer advocates raise funds for those with breast cancer but not those with heart disease - why is that? Atheletic scholarships are given to those who excel in sports and not to those whose forte is drama - why is that? Why are there children's hospitals that don't treat adults? You can see where I am going here.

When, let's say, the Methodist or Baptist, or Lutheran church gives out scholarhip funds to qualifying Methodists, Baptists, or Lutherans is that religious discrimination? When foundation grants are awarded to third grade teachers is that discrimination against the teachers of other grades?

In a perfect world, David, there wouldn't be any need for the Sphinx Organization, or the Black Scholarship Fund, or any other special interest group. The playing field would be a level one and everyone would have the same opportunities. But, this is not a perfect world.

The area of symphonic music has always been comprised of predominantly white musicians - why is that?

Why should we, as a society, even have to worry about leveling a playing field? What are you really worried about, David?

David Ben-Ariel said...

Nikki, are you always so dishonest? Do you always go off on wild tangents to divert attention from those who practice reverse discrimination, like the Sphinx Organization?

Why do you continue to shamefully ignore the Sphinx Organizaton's discriminatory policy against children of white color? Do you hate white children? Do you have trouble being white?

Do you even realize, Nikki, since you appear to be one of those mindless liberals who love to use "people of color" to exclude white people, that, technically, black is the absence of color?

You don't have to remain ignorant and a tool, a useful white idiot for racist blacks. Go study some history, or go visit Zimbabwe ruins or South Africa and wake up to how your hateful efforts are aiding and abetting those who would destroy the United States too.

David Ben-Ariel said...

Nikki, how did you fail to miss this? Why don't you love children of white color too? Aren't we all human? Don't they need love too? Why do you cover for those who would discriminate against them?

Margaret A. Cassetto, Manager of Corporate Partnerships
: "Diversity" music program is off color and off key
Date: Oct 6, 2008
I would like to clarify your misconception that the Sphinx Organization's programs are exclusively for Blacks and Latinos. The ONLY program for which Black or Latino heritage is REQUISITE is the Sphinx Competition for young Black and Latino string players. This represents ONLY a small portion of the people served by the organization. [emphasis mine]

Apparently, since it's "only" a little discrimination, it's only a "requisite" to be Black or Latino for a particular program, it's acceptable, especially since it's against white people and not minorities. Requisite, prerequisite, profiling, prejudice...Hypocrisy, double standards, reverse discrimination, hatred...

It's very revealing that the Sphinx Organization isn't promoting primitive music, but that of the superior European culture - not African. Why remain in denial? More power to them, but may they remove the fly in the ointment, their discrimination against children of white color (many descendants of Europeans whose music appreciation is being taught).

Anonymous said...

There is racism against white people here in North America, I have worked around it and seen it. How do I know? Because I come from a country where there is hardly any racism at all, and none at all against white people, Australia. When I first came here I wasn't prepared for the snubbery, dirty looks and ignorance, (especially from non-english speaking Mexicans) and tried to think of everyone on an equal level, but since I have been racist against, it has made me the same against those people who are racist against me, not a nice way to be, but I suppose you could say it's called "self preservation".

Anonymous said...

Hitler was right, we should of listened to him and the US Government should have joined the NSDAP movement. Blacks and Jews are taking over this country and ruining it, and soon whites will be the minority.

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