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Obama's disrespect for the American Constitution: IT'S AN AFRICAN THING!

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Ojo wrote:
Re: davidbenariel-YOUR RELIGION IS RACIST!

Kenneth Kaunda, we were told was not a Zambian. If you go to Uganda, Yoweri Museveni is believed by some to be Rwandese. Idi Amin was alleged to be Sudanese.

Jomo Kenyatta also has some issues. Ugandan's, those from Bunyoro believe him to be Ugandan. He's daddy is supposed to be Omukama Kabalega - a Bunyoro King who is alleged to have met Jomo's mummy when the British were taking him to exile - I think in the Seychelles. Few Kenyans will believe that, but if you have a book called 1000 years of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, there is a similarity between Kenyatta and Kabalega few will deny.

John Okello who toppled the Sultan of Zanzibar was Ugandan.

I could go on. Even Kabalega who ruled Bunyoro had non-Bantu or Lwo Ancestry. The Kabaka of Uganda is said to have Lwo ancestry - a claim that was made by non-other than Museveni last year. Yet, he leads Buganda Kingdom.

What Museveni did not tell us that even his own Bahima - which he shares with Kagame was external to Ankole - just like the case of Buganda and Bunyoro.

I have head that the British Royal Family has German linkages.

Raila Odinga, though Luo is related to one Nabongo (King) Mumia of Wanga. And someone gave me a good reason to believe that Moi is also related to Mumia. Moi is from the Kalenjin ethnic group.

What is Ojo trying to say? I have a friend/colleague who has studied leadership and lineages to the extent that he makes predictions so that a few even imagine he is a prophet. You might need to know that he is not mupostori.

He taught me some rules, which though they sound silly, I am trying to digest. It is not what I have been taught in my Church or elsewhere. But in life at times you realise that what you think you know you actually don't. As a kid, I was the good psychologist who believed that dreams were a product of imagination and memory. Today, I see dreams so very differently - from the old fashioned way of Joseph and Daniel.

My friend, a veterinarian, tells me, that:

1*Leadership follows certain lineages

2*Leadership is a like a birthright, you can actually buy it from someone who has it

3*People do not usually govern themselves. Some blood that is external will usually come to rule you

4*Although we now use elections instead of royal families, leadership is like a railway line - you will still end up electing the same person - who has the birthright.

Might his rule number 3 - which he so brilliantly illustrates have something to do with Obama? Might his rule number 1 explain why the Eritrean and Ethiopian presidents are cousins, just like the Ugandan and Rwandese presidents share the same clan. Which is also supposedly the maternal clan of the Congolese President Kabila?

I am not in any way suggesting that he shouldn't be. In fact, as you see, God would like to teach the BenAriels of this world a few lessons. They wonder. An immigrant president, not from Israel or Japan or Britain, but Africa! With time, I believe, they like most of us will only begin to understand what is happening. Don't be in a rush, observe!

A Mountain Cannot be Shaken by the Wind

Your introductory remarks were interesting, and they seem to indicate that the reason why that fraud and foreigner Obama continues to disrespect the Constitution (and those who strive to uphold it by demanding proof of his citizenship) - it's no big deal! IT'S AN AFRICAN THING!

I know what's happening, as God's Word reveals it: any time a Gentile unnaturally rules over a White Israelite land, DISASTER LOOMS! Haven't you learned this lesson yet in raped Rhodesia, now Zimababwe ruins? And look at besieged South Africa going the same way to perdition!

White Israelites are under the curse for our idolatry and immorality, evident in Gentile tools aiding and abetting our self-destruction, reducing us to primitive conditions and a savage state of near extermination.

BLACK DAY IN AMERICA: Obama Wins, America Loses

Zimbabwe's nightmare ... a lesson for us

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