Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Re: Gerry's tantrum II

"Gerry's tantrum II": Some good points have been made, especially by Richard noting how Flurry didn't like dirt from so many years dug up on him and then turned right around and threw some dirt about me from years ago. And by "anonymous" about how the good guys in the Bible were for and not against the construction of the Temple. (And Gavin, for the record, I never post anonymously).

This "little known blogger" has published a few "ads" of my own all over the Internet world in response to Flurry's wacko ad. Please feel free to widely disseminate them to the "largest possible audience." :-)

Gerald Flurry's Outrageous Attack Against David Ben-Ariel

Is David Ben-Ariel A Terrorist?

The Temple Mount Faithful is not a terrorist organization!

Is Gerald Flurry a False Prophet?

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