Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Black thug plays prosecutor for fool

Teen admits guilt in death of Robert Brundage >>
... Jemison was initially charged with aggravated robbery and murder, but he admitted yesterday to a lesser charge of robbery and the murder charge.
In exchange for the admission, the state withdrew its serious youthful offender motion.
That would have meant the teen would face time in a juvenile facility but could be sent to an adult facility for additional time if he committed another offense.
Ms. Olender said after the hearing that she was pleased with the teen's admission.“He pled to murder, and that's what this case is all about,” she said. “We are extremely pleased Dai'Lahntae stood up and did the right thing and pled to murder and didn't put this family through any more.” [emphasis mine]
Where's the justice? The old-enough-to-know-better black thug who committed his hate crime against an elderly white man, an easy prey, admits guilt to save his skin. Is the Assistant County Prosecutor Lori Olender really so stupid to believe Dai'Lahntae "stood up" and did the right thing by admitting what every honest observer already knew? Jemison played the game and society has lost for it. His bestial action against Robert Brundage resulted in the death of another person of white color by a black savage. The lenient courts and willfully ignorant prosecutors aid and abet such dangerous juvenile delinquents and insure there will be more black on white violence and murder statistics. Shame on them!
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