Saturday, September 5, 2009

WEBCommentary - News, Politics, Commentary for September 5, 2009

September 5, 2009:
David Ben-Ariel (Author, David Ben-Ariel)
Lord of our lives and lands? Yeshua didn't teach his students to just accept the status quo, to simply submit to the way things are, to merely wait for some "pie in the sky." Yeshua taught his followers to be different now, to show there is another way now, to set an example today! (read more ...)

Joseph D'Aleo (Executive Director, ICECAP)
12 Facts about Global Climate Change that You Won't Read in the Popular Press What will it take for the media to let go of their biases and begin doing their job, reporting the truth? (read more ...)

J. J. Jackson (Owner, Liberty Reborn)
And You Want To Manage Our Health Care? George Costanza, the hapless friend of Jerry Seinfeld in his self titled sitcom, was a fairly lazy man. His goal in life was to get paid a healthy salary for doing as little work as possible. In one episode George is unemployed. (read more ...)

J. D. Longstreet (Insight On Freedom)
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely What will it take to convince Americans that the people we place in office ought to be of high moral character? I no longer think it is even possible. I no longer think Americans even care… as evidenced by the results of the presidential election, and numerous congressional elections, and even state and local elections around the country just last year. (read more ...)

Sher Zieve
No ObamaCare--No Trigger!

Dick Morris (
Poll Disaster for Obama This week's polls are a disaster for President Obama. The Rasmussen poll has his approval dropping to 45 percent, after several weeks at 49 percent. The Zogby poll has it even lower -- at 42 percent. (read more ...)

Guest Author: Chris Stirewalt
Sen. Kit Bond calls for investigation of Green Jobs Czar Van Jones The senior senator from Missouri has sent a letter to the head of the Senate green jobs subcommittee, Vermont's Sen. Bernie Sanders, calling for an investigation into Green Jobs Czar Van Jones' connection to the "truther" movement. Major media silent on issue! (read more ...)

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