Saturday, February 13, 2010

Race-mixing destroys diversity

Received this enlightened email from Sean Kevin Riley from Trinidad/Tobago

A blessed day to you:
  Please permit me to express my view under respect of the burningly topical issue of miscegenation. I am from the twin-island, English-speaking Caribbean republic of Trinidad & Tobago. As a mixed-race person of Northwest European (Irish & Scottish), Southern European (Spanish), African and Indian descent, I struggled with my own identity and sense of self-worth for years. I was dark blond as a child, but have progressively darkened into adulthood. As an adult my features reflect my hybrid heritage: I am tall, light-skinned (though somewhat tanned), and oval-faced like a "Nordic" individual, but also have obvious non-Caucasian features consistent with my other bloodlines. I do not look "white," but I also do not look typically "Trinbagonian" either. I don't even closely resemble the typical "mulatto" person, if there is such a thing as a "typical mulatto."
   Let me say that I am a Christian, stoutly upholding the Lordship of Christ Jesus. I believe that God loves all men equally, and that He desires intimate, personal fellowship with every one. Nevertheless, my painful personal journey as a human "mongrel" has molded me into a diehard opponent of interracial marriage and racial hybridization, despite its increasing prevalence and acceptance in our society.
   I must also – in the interest of aligning myself with undeniable truth – unequivocally concede that the white, Caucasian race is the flag-bearer and universal super-glue of civilization on this planet. Mature human beings of whatever race or ethnicity must have the testicular and vertebral fortitude to face the facts unflinchingly, accepting them for what they are. And the reality – politically incorrect though it may be to say so – is that the decline and collapse of the white, Caucasian race – particularly the "Nordid" groups – would spell disaster for the entirety of humanity. Personally, I would certainly regard it as a terrible tragedy. Nevertheless, I refuse to believe that God will allow such a nightmare to become reality!  
   Thank you for your time expended in reading my e-mail. I would truly appreciate a reply at your convenience. Blessings to you and yours, now and always,
Sean Kevin Riley,
 Trinidad & Tobago, English-speaking Caribbean.
 PS -- I strongly disagree with the incredibly naive position of some White Nationalists in one important regard: I firmly believe that non-Caucasian immigration to Europe, Australia, United States, Canada, etc., must not be reduced to a bare minimum -- it must be stopped ALTOGETHER!  Also, I include an electronic copy of an "anti-miscegenation" flier that I recently designed for local distribution. [I can't take credit for the image, which I sourced at the following URL:]. Please tell me what you think of it. God's choicest blessings to you and yours


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