Monday, April 12, 2010

Espionage and sabotage nothing new among Jews

S. HaLevi commented on How about fighting Jewish anti-Semitism?

Shalom David,
It is painfully true that some of our own betray to this day our people and intentionally conspire with enemies to destroy our Heritage and faith. The latest known episode of espionage and sabotage by elements associated with "ha'aretz" of course is just the tip of an iceberg.
Yet. much as the golden calf was destroyed, the present day representation of that calf will also be destroyed.
Their days a numbered as the day of judgement at human level and at the Highest level is upon us.

We must, in the other hand be very careful when addressing the Holocaust. That was evil in the most perverted form. Bestial entities only could have done such unfathomable crime.
We mourn respectfully our dear ones lost to hatred and a degree of satanic viciousness never known before.

G.d bless the little ones and forever judge those entities that planned and carried out the horrors.

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