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The Plainer Truth about . . . Why was God’s Jurassic Park Destroyed?

Evidence of a great worldwide tragedy is extant in many places on the earth. In places like Dinosaur National Park in Utah are found the remains of hundreds of dinosaurs mixed together as if they were churned in a giant blender. These bones comprise both adult and immature dinosaurs. They are spread out in the side of what is now cliffs. To view this go to Google and do a search on "Dinosaur National Monument."

An newspaper article in the Raleigh, North Carolina News and Observer of March 14, 1991 reported "dinosaur bones---(found) near the South Pole". The discovery is reported as being "in large slabs of mud stone, formed from river sediments." The article further states that this South Pole find "proved beyond question ...a global phenomenon". An article in the same newspaper, dated May 4, 1991 and titled Mastodon's last supper: grass, moss, and water lily, stated:

"scientists said the four-ton mastodon had spent its last day consuming a veritable salad of swamp grass, moss and leaves with . . . seeds and . . . water lily".

While evidence of a great worldwide tragedy is found in various places on the earth, one must remember that most of the dead in the tragedy would have decayed with later earth conditions (explained later in this article). Only a few were preserved in the right conditions as to be found in this age. None of the evidence is quite so impressive, however, as the mammoths and mastodons found frozen solid in attic regions of the earth. Information about these animals can be found by going to Google and searching on "UnMuseum of mammoths mastodons." These cousins of our modern elephants weighed tons. The awesome part of this is that some still have their lunch frozen in their throats and sometimes mouths.

How Do You Quick Freeze a Mammoth?

When we put our Thanksgiving turkeys in the oven to roast, we are told to give them 15 minutes per pound to cook. How much time would it take to cook a multi-ton mammoth? And what does cooking have to do with freezing? Well any student of thermodynamics knows that two of the important factors for the time of heat transfer (heating or cooling) are temperature difference (called "delta T" in thermodynamics) and time. So to get the energy into a body or out of a body (freezing) will be faster for greater temperature differences. For cooking our 10 pound turkey (getting the energy into it) we have a temperature difference of about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. (370 degree oven minus 70 degree thawed for example). For a 10 lb turkey then we have something like 15 minutes times 10 lb or 150 minutes to cook the turkey.

So how do we freeze a multi-ton mastodon so rapidly that even its food is frozen in its throat while it is eating in a mild climate? This calls for temperatures unlike anything on the earth. While there are places on the earth where we find temperatures like 50 degrees below zero, there is little life or vegetation to be found there. No, for freezing a mastodon in what a Scientific American article in the 1950s estimated as half an hour, we need temperatures like we find in outer space----temperatures approaching "absolute Zero", -460 degrees F (460 below zero) and a temperature difference of 530F from a 70 degree climate temperature.

Some scientists, realizing what would be required, have suggested that a meteor hit the earth. However, it would require more than just hitting the earth, it would require earth being knocked out of orbit into outer space. Such an occurrence would immediately cause the earth to see the temperatures of - 400 F range. It would also not just turn the seas into ice, but would cause the earths atmospheric gases to become at first liquid and then solid. With such a collision, the liquid / solid "soup" would "slosh". However, since the only place for it to stay would be with the gravity of the earth, this would create a tsunami of awesome proportions. This tsunami of ice, liquid and solid nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide etc. would rip around the earth, flash freezing all life. Further it would act as a giant bulldozer scraping trees and animals with it to deposit them in canyons that would certainly have opened up. So they became coal, oil and a few mastodons remaining frozen.

Evolutionist Civil War

With such cold temperatures and tsunami conditions, no life would be left on earth. But to the evolutionist cult this is a great problem. On a 2009 Science Channel television program, one of the scientists actually stated the problem as a "scientific civil war". He further states "there must have been a great meteor impact like 10 billion Hiroshima bombs." The great dilemma for the evolutionist is that catastrophic events punctuate any evolution they envision, creating a situation which they fantasize as life re-evolving.

But how does this catastrophic view fit with scriptures? Many creationists believe the earth and man are only 6000 years old and have no good explanation for this. Also, even many evolutionists will bring up the point that there is no good evidence that there was ever man on the earth at the same time as dinosaurs. What then is the answer?

The Pre-Adamic Creation

The answer lies in some overlooked details in the scriptures. Some creationists understand what is called the "pre-Adamic" creation. A better understanding of the first two verses of the bible, Genesis 1:1-2, gives some evidence of this. The Scoffield reference Bible and others mention this. In Genesis 1:2 we find an earth "was (or became) without form and void". The word for void in the Hebrew is "tohu", a word showing more that just void, but a mess. Then in Isaiah 45:18 we read "He created it not in vain" The Hebrew word here for vain (tohu) is the same word in Genesis 1:2 as "without form". We find then God did not create the earth "tohu" (but rather it became that way). Additional scriptures fill in pieces of the puzzle. Jude verse 6 tells us about "the angels which kept not their first estate". What was their first estate? In Genesis, we find that at the creation of man, the serpent (identified in Revelation as "that old serpent the Devil") is already there. In Isaiah 14:12 we find this reference to what is identified by most bible students as Satan as he tried to take God's throne: "how art thou fallen O Lucifer... how art thou cut down to the ground" and in Ezekiel 28:14 "thou art the anointed cherub that covereth"; verses 16 and 17 "I will cast thee out . . . I will cast thee to the ground".

Jesus said "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven" Luke 10:18. In biblical analogies angelic beings are talked about as stars. Spirit beings are powerful beings. We see this with the angel that rolled back Jesus' grave stone: "his countenance was like lightning" (Matthew 28:3). Ironically, in the above mentioned Science Channel TV graphics it depicted the giant meteor as a giant ball of light striking the earth!!

So, if God is in charge, he certainly could have kept his pre-Adamic creation from destruction by a meteor. No, this was a destruction in which God was involved. When Satan's collision with the earth caused its destruction, the pre-Adamic creation over which he was king became a giant mess "without form and void". Genesis 1:2f says "the Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters". When God brought the earth back into orbit it was a mess. The word "moved" in Genesis 1:2 is better translated "brooded". God must have groaned at the mess that had been the creation he had made for the Devil and his angels.

Written by: Bill Hillebrenner
Archived at  The Plainer Truth about . . . Why was God’s Jurassic Park Destroyed?

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