Monday, June 23, 2008

There Goes The Nation

I have seen slaves riding on horses and princes walking like slaves on the land.
--Ecclesiastes 10:7

By Carl Brown

The day of reckoning has come for America. Not because we haven't given enough "goodies" to the lowest of the gentiles (non-Israelites) among us. You'd think that'd make them at least a LITTLE grateful, but it hasn't. They have become even more arrogant and hateful towards their benefactors (white Anglo-Americans).

No, there is a day of reckoning, not because of our RACISM!, but because of what we've done to our fellow Israelitish nations. We have DESTROYED South Africa and Rhodesia and pressured them to abandon their Israelite nation and turn it over to the most primitive of people. Now the whites FLEE for their lives from those nations and under primitive African "democracy" those nations are no longer the productive nations of Africa.

Now, because of our sins against our brothers, it looks like AMERICA will WILLINGLY turn over its own Israelite rule and place an America-hating Marxist GENTILE in its top leadership position. THIS is in clear violation of GOD'S LAW that a GENTILE must never rule over an Israelite nation (but when should our concepts of "FAIRNESS" take a backseat to GOD'S Law?)

Using Rhodesia and South Africa as our example, we can clearly see what's about to unfold in America's future. The Gentile Obama has already shown us his circle of friends. Therefore we know the types of individuals he will appoint to his administration. Look for Rev/Doc/Mr/Lord Wright to find a place in his administration. William Ayers for Sec of State?

Expect a goon squad that'll turn a blind eye when young angry AFRICANS (their true "colors" will come out under an Obama administration) vent their unjustified RAGE against innocent whites.

Expect the Obama administration to follow in the footsteps of the other African Marxist (Mugabe) and CONFISCATE the wealth of the rich (that'd be WHITES) and turn it over to the lowest and most useless among us.

PRODUCTIVITY will come to a halt in America because the PRODUCTIVE will find it unproductive to produce and the lowest among us will become even more angry and take out their rage even more against the white man. The short-sighted will spew "payback's a b-i-t-c-h", not seeing their own racial hatred (and not really caring). America will DIE a slow painful death, but at least they'll have "one of their own" in power.

"There goes the nation"...

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